Tank Kit 1/2" Safety Valve 165 psi 299 SCFM w/LF Gauge 300 psi

Tank Kit 1/2" Safety Valve
165 psi 299 SCFM w/LF Gauge
300 psi

Product #: TKC165-Q300


Custom Built Tank Kits for Your Specific Application. This Kit Contains a Safety Valve and a Gauge. You Can Also Add Other Items Such as a Ball Valve, Timer Drain or Flex Hose.

Safety Valve Information:
  • Set Pressure Tolerances: ± 3% of Set Pressure
  • Maximum Temperature: 250 F
  • Construction: All Brass With Zinc Plated Music Wire Spring
  • Resilient Silicone Rubber Pad Ensures Valve is Bubble Tight to Within 10% of Set Pressure
  • Stamped With the UV and NB Symbols
  • Loc-Tite Vibra Seal Standard

  • The Liquid Filled Gauge Dampens the Effect of Pulsation and Vibration, While Also Perpetually Lubricating the Movement and Keeping Contaminates Such As Dirt Away From All Moving Parts Which Will Extend the Life of the Gauge. Typically Used on Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems as Well as Any Commercial or Industrial Applications Not Corrosive to Brass and Bronze Wetted Parts Where Silicone Filling is Suitable For Use.

  • Built In Snubber
  • Stainless Steel Case and Bezel
  • Copper Alloy Wetted Parts
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Liquid Filled
  • Accuracy : 2-1-2% of Span ASME B40.1 Grade A
  • Dual Scale: PSI/Bar (x 100=kPa) Standard
  • Ambient Temperature: Filled: 30 F to 160 F
  • Design Meets or Exceeds ASME B40.100 Pressure Gauge Standard
  • Additional Information: