5/8" - 3/4" T-Clip

Product #: T-15

Volume: 39.36
Weight: 0.2


    T-Clips Provide a Quick, Adaptable and Inexpensive Answer to Securing, Attaching and Routing Tubes, Wires, Hose and Pipe. They Allow Installations to Look Extremely Neat and Professional and are Easy to Install. T-Clips Provide an Exact, Uniform Spacing to Dual Runs and Can be Mounted on Walls, Cabinets, Board Enclosures and Bulkheads. T-Clips are Available in a Wide Range of Sizes to Fit Almost Any Circular-Sectioned Item. A Countersunk Center Hole is Provided in Each T-Clip for Mounting.

    Many Commercial Applications Such as the Installation of Hydraulic or Automotive Hoses, Electrical Conduit, Telephone Wires, Fiber Optic Cables and Liquid or Gas Tubes and Piping May Benefit From the Ease of Installation, Safety and Final Appearance of the Job.



  • Temperature:
  • Melting Point: 331°F

  • Use #10 Wood Screw Flat Head

  • T-Clips are a multi-cavity, family molded product. We do our best to sort the sizes before shipping, but occasionally a mixture of parts will happen during the manufacturing process. Variances are +/- 1% and are considered acceptable.

Additional Information: