1" FPT 200 CWP T-Pattern
Brass Swing Check Valve

Product #: SCT-100


Check valves are an essential part of industrial equipment for water, oil and steam applications. With few moving parts to wear out, these valves withstand the frequent opening and closing of pulsating flow and rapid flow reversal. They open to allow flow in one direction and close when flow stops or reverses. Without the use of a check valve most mechanical equipment would be damaged when the pressure drops or the system shuts off and the flow is reversed.

  • 200 CWP 150 WSP Service
  • Operating Temperature: 230°F
  • Heavy Duty Brass Construction with Internal Components Designed to Reduce Flow Resistance
  • Threaded Cap Provides Easy Access for Maintenance
  • For Horizontal Applications
  • FPT x FPT Connection
  • Metal Seat
  • Meets Federal Specification MSS SP-80
  • Additional Information: