6" x 6" EVA Vibration Pad

Product #: EVA6X6


    Vibration isolator pads are designed to work with any type of machinery which shakes, vibrates, or receives pressure of any kind. The vibration pads create a damping effect and their primary purpose is to prevent machinery from walking or creeping. Vibration resistant padding is intended to protect machinery from long-term damage and maintain it’s structural integrity through continuous operation over a period of several years.

    EVA Series pads (extreme vibration attenuation) is the newest design of vibration pads. The EVA pad utilizes polymeric foam core material laminated between high grade industrial rubber with 90 degree rib rotation of the top and bottom layers. The ribbed design profile helps reduce noise and provides a firm grip to the surface to minimize vibration. The polymeric foam core is more structurally sound and absorbs vibration better than cork, providing better noise reduction. Highly resistant to water absorption, acid, alkali, gasoline, oil, aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, oxidation and ozone

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