Oil/Water Separator 125 SCFM 1/2" Inlet and Outlet

Oil/Water Separator 125 SCFM
1/2" Inlet and Outlet

Product #: CT-125


  • Designed to Remove Oily Condensate Generated By Lubricated Compressed Air Systems
  • Meets Most Local Ordinances and Regulations
  • Protects the Environment
  • Eliminates the Rising High Cost of Offsite Disposal
  • Easy Installation - Two Point Connection
  • Compact Design
  • Can Be Used With All Condensate Drains

  • The Oil Water Separator is Not a Settling Reservoir, As Settling Reservoirs Hold the Condensate/Oil and Over Time the Oil will Rise to the Top and Spill Over into the Final Reservoir. These Oil Water Separators Absorb the Oil Immediately as the Condensate/Oil Passes Through the Pre Filter and Activated Carbon Element Reducing the Oil Output to 10PPM. Treated Condensate is Never Stored in the Oil Water Separator Reducing the Risk of Harmful Bacteria Build Up.

    Other Competitors List Their Capacity By the Size of the Reservoirs, Not the Amount of Oil the Units Absorb. The Oil Water Separators Are Sized By Horsepower and Flow, and the Capacity Does Not Need to Be Adjusted for Temperature or Relative Humidity.

    Principal of Operation

    The "CT Oil Water Separator" is a Two Stage Separator Designed to Reduce Oil Output to 10 PPM. Condensation Flows Though the First Stage Which is Equipped with a Pre- Filter Poly Bag that Absorbs the Oil Like a Magnet. The Purified Condensation then Passes Into the Second Stage, Where the Activated Carbon Bag Reduces the Remaining Contaminants.

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

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